Nord Clans These are the Nord clans that have populated the icy wastes. Their communities are not strictly human, but they are the dominant communities in the area, and the basis of trade and territory.

Wolf Clan – tends to live in the southern reaches, along the coastal plains. They have much agriculture, and many sailing vessels. They trade heavily with the south, and are known to also practice piracy.

Rat Clan – tend to live in small nomadic pods, keeping out of sight, and foraging off the land. Some say the Rat clan is extinct, and others say they have simply had to hide themselves better, as conflict grows.

Tiger Clan – lives on the other side of the Great Divide, a magical wasteland where centuries of wizard duals have polluted the environment with dangerous magics. While they still have much in common with their Nord brethren, they have been greatly influenced by the peoples who live to the south of them. They have adopted the katana, and many other warrior traditions.

Penguin Clan – nomadic fishing peoples that tend to live on the islands of ice that surround the mainland.

Raven Clan – Throughout the woods live the Raven Clan. However, messengers from the tribe float back and forth across the land constantly keeping people informed and in touch.

Bear Clan – Living in the forests and caves, the bear clan protects the splendor and beauty of its lands fiercely. The Bear clan also excels at agriculture, and feeds those in need.

Boar Clan – Often lives between the Bear and the Wolf

Owl Clan – Lives in secluded forests, and other remote areas. Considered keepers of secrets.

Tlalusk Clan – thrives on the northern reaches of the lands, and in areas close to the Frost Giants. A Tlalusk is a six legged beast of burden, that is like a mix between a goat, a Clydesdale, and a ram.


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