The Storm Dragon, also known as the Unliving Deicide, with his frozen heart is the closest thing these wild lands have to a ruler. Make no mistake, he is a god, cruel and cold as the weather itself. He has slain many gods in the name of his mistress, the Bitch of the Sea, and shared their dying hearts with her. His most recent conquests were Auril and Hagisil (very similar to Hleid). He stole Auril’s worshippers for his own, or destroyed them. Hagisil’s followers have gone into hiding, and use the remains of their goddess’s fury to fuel their magic and seek revenge.

Zoscaindbrasmel, often simply called Z, is a young and powerful goddess, whose cults are starting to spread into the north and through the world. She is the dark beauty, the dangerous muse. Her voice can raise to ecstatic joy, and plunge the heart into permanent darkness. Many Bards sing her praises, while others foretell the doom of her beautiful, but cold heart.

Where Z goes, X is bound to follow. His cults tend to be more elusive and smaller. He is a god of dark crafting, whose life began in the Blood Wars, but took him far above it. Though he still plays at it for fun occasionally. He is a meticulous planner, and as patient as the glaciers.

Vali is a lesser deity of the Norse pantheon, or perhaps more accurately against the Norse pantheon. She serves Fenris, and in the final days, she will take her followers to help plunge the world into eternal darkness.

The Norse Pantheon has the greatest numbers of worshipers in these cold climes, and many different tribes owe their allegiance to these gods.

Ulutiu is the lost god, said to slumber in the frozen parts of the world. He grants powers to those who worship him, and his cult hide in the white, while he slumbers.

Mavmordalys, the Dark Mother, Mother of Madness, Corruption, Spreading Death is the goddess of pestilence and poison. She is the creeping doom. Life destroying death, through hunger or poison. Her followers spread death wherever they go. She is consort to the god of battle and death, Sargonis.

Coralythalassa is the goddess of Chaos Magic, and daughter of Mavmordalys. Unlike her mother or father, though, she is chaotic and good. She gives the random blessings of chaos magic to her followers, and generally celebrates life. She helped the last of the Elves to “Move North” before their total destruction at the hands of the Empire. At the end of the Mage War, she went into hiding.


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