Rumors abound that the last of the elves have taken themselves into exile and live within these frozen lands.

Snowy Elves: 2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Chr Dark Vision 60, Superior Lowlight, Cold Tolerant, Spell Resistance 11CL, +2 will save vs. spell, Water Breathing, Swim 15, Spell-like Abilities: Darkness, Faery Fire, Levitate, Dancing Lights LA: 3

Snowy Elves are the most elusive of the near extinct Elven Races. They live in icy cities far away from everyone, and prefer to keep it that way. They are elusive creatures of mystery, to put it mildly. Snowy Elves are known for their ash grey skin, light eyes, and snow white hair. Violet eyes are rare, but not unheard of. Very rarely, a Snowy Elf will be born with solid black eyes (Dark Vision 120)

Dwarves live in the mountains, and in holes carved deep into the earth. They are the finest crafstmen in the area.

Frostfell Dwarves: As Dwarf with +2 Str, +4 Con, +2 Wis, +2 Int, Icecunning, Cold Tolerant, Heat Tolerant, Low Light Vision, Bonus Magical Crafting Feat, Master Smith, Craft Checks +4, Use Magic Device +2 LA:4

Patient and Careful by even Dwarven standards, the Frostfell Dwarves have slowly carved out a life from the Frozen Northlands, far from the rest of their kind. They live in isolation almost matching that of the Snowy Elves. Deep beneath the shifting Glaciers, they have carved solid rock homes, kept warm by the Earth’s fires and their own forges. They are equally at home in the cold of the surface, or heat of their inner chambers. They collect history and knowledge, and hide it away, like squirrels preparing for a dark winter. They are expert crafters of mundane and magical items, and posses the most specialized sages. With the Elves having abandoned this world, humans look to the Dwarves for guidance when all else fails.

Calibans: 2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Int, -4 Chr Aquatic, Move 30, Swim 60, Cold Resist 10, NA +5, Dark Vision 60, Superior Lowlight, Spell Resist 11CL, Claw d4, Bite d4, Multiattack, Light Blindness LA: 3

On the frozen plains and in the icy waters hunt the Calibans. They are very rare and solitary creatures, made with cold hearts and sharp minds. They are hideous humanoids of unknown origin. They tend to be feral, though stories exist of them being raised into upstanding people by other cultures. Calibans stand Anywhere from 5 to 7 feet tall, and tend to be well-muscled. Their skin tends to be mottled grey, and an almost scaly hide. Their eyes are solid black, and fingures tipped in needle like claws. Their teeth are also needly, and while they are omnivorous, they much prefer meat. If they have hair, it can be anything from a turquoise green, deep blue, or lightning white, and occasionally all three.

Orcs and goblins have a few well protected cave systems that allow them to survive in this harsh area.

Nords: +2 con, Improved Cold Endurance, 2 Bonus Feats, Skill Bonus LA: 2

The Frozen North has bred a hardier and more fearsome human over the generations of Conflict. Where the weather is cool enough for Ocean water not to Freeze, the Nords tend to sail, and raid southern lands for supplies for their towns. But when the weather turns so chill, even the feared longship cannot sail, then the Nords run in tribes that hunt and gather. Nords have a wide variety of hair and eye colors, but are universally pale.

Uldra are a common fae that can be found living in communities along side halflings and gnomes.

Frost Jacks (Gnomish Fae): -2 Str, +4 Con, +2 Wis, Small, Dark Vision 120, Low Light Vision, Cold Resist 5, Fae Blood, Gnome Blood, Weapon Familiarity as Gnome, +1 attack vs. goblins and kobolds, +4 AC vs Giants, +2 listen, Spell-like Abilities: Prestidigitation, Ghost Sound, Dancing Lights, Speak with Animals LA 2

Frost Jacks are the result of many generations of breeding between Gnomes and Uldras (see Frost Burn). They have lost many characteristics of their parent races, and outnumber either of them. Frost Jacks have blue skin and white frostlike hair. Small horns appear on their heads, and their noses are very long and pointy. Ears are also long and pointy. Temperament tends to be tempestuous and full of mischief.

And in the more remote and dangerous parts of the North, Frost Giants abound.


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